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Consolidation and Virtualization

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Consolidation and Virtualization

The Challenges

As your business grows, the volume of your data proliferates and database infrastructures can become overly complex with a jumbled mixes of servers and storage systems. Users demand more system resources, essential availability clogs up, maintenance costs increase and your performance then suffers. A well-planned and executed consolidation and/or virtualization of your server environment can result in greater scalability and availability, higher productivity, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Maximize IT Resources and Investments Through Server Virtualization & Database Consolidation

We are an internationally recognized, award-winning mission critical consulting services that can help you optimize your environment. Let us show you how we have helped Fortune 500 companies achieve heightened SQL Server productivity and availability, while lowering TCO from database and server consolidations performed by SE.

  • Best-practices and methodologies throughout the project
  • Database & Server Consolidation plan and strategy
  • Hardware platform specifications
  • Consolidation deployment
  • Knowledge transfer and post-consolidation support
  • Standardization and centralized strategy
  • Reduction in hardware and software licenses
  • Reduced physical footprint
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved performance and utilization

Server Virtualization

If you are interested in virtualizing your server environment in order to lower your costs and reduce your footprint, we can also help guide you through each step of the assessment, design, testing and implementation process.  We have significant hands-on experience with HP Servers, VMware and Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V platform.  Our server virtualization architectural design experience and proven methodologies will ensure that you achieve the highest level of performance from a solution that best fits your specific needs.