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ever-changing complexity

The new products, applications and business requirements

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The Challenges

The ever-changing complexity of new products, applications and business requirements can make it difficult for you to stay ahead of new developments in information technology. Your internal staffs need the knowledge and skills to advance business performance and leverage IT investments. You need to advance their individual competencies and value to the company. It is rare to find microsoft sql training resources with deep technical knowledge and practical experience, coupled with professional instructional design and teaching skills.

Ensure Knowledge Advancement with the Experts

We deliver Microsoft SQL training and instructional labs around each of our solutions-based service offerings to enable you to keep up with the latest processes and technologies.. For example, Scalability Experts authors and conducts Practical SQL Server (PRASS) workshops worldwide for experienced Oracle DBAs as a first step in migration to Microsoft SQL Server. All SQL Server training we provide is based on a three-pronged approach: deep technical expertise, consulting experience from real client projects, and professional instructional design.

Microsoft SQL Training Labs and Workshops

Relevant Skills for Immediate Utilization

Our MS SQL training courses are competency-based on techniques and procedures for large-scale databases in mission-critical environments. Materials and guides are jointly developed by the instructional design team and consulting staff to ensure sessions are interactive and sharply focused on relevant needs so participants can immediately advance business performance.

SE can work with you to provide the most effective means of training either in-person at your offices or via the web if your staff are located in different cities.

Training Curriculum

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