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Our experts solve database

performance problems for enterprise and mid-sized businesses.

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Performance Management

We are a consulting, training and database management company focused on Microsoft's SQL Server and other major platforms. We increase the performance, scalability and availability of your database operations and computing environment. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are recognized in the industry as a global leader in advanced SQL Server technologies and mission-critical applications.

  • Our experts solve database performance problems for enterprise and mid-sized businesses
  • We specialize in Architectural Design Sessions (ADS), scalability analysis, database performance tuning, database performance managment, SQL upgrades, BI, consolidations, high availability, migrations, and database performance monitoring solutions
  • We offer end-to-end solutions that use advanced methodologies and tools
  • Our expert level workshops are customizable and they deliver in-depth technical expertise with real-world experience

Are you frustrated with poor database performance? Are you considering a change to a more robust and scalable environment? We can provide you with a detailed study of your environment. All aspects of the environment, from hardware and storage through the OS, relational engine, application services, and database performance, are taken into consideration. The goal is to determine the health of your environment and to identify ways to improve your performance. Call us. Let us take you to the next level.

Scalability Analysis

The Challenges

Are you fustrated by poor server performance? Are you planning on making changes to your computing and database environment in the near future? If so, let us conduct a comprehensive database scalability analysis. We can provide recommendations and guidance on the best ways to drive greater productivity, increase server scalability and get the most value from your data.

Increase Server Scalability and Achieve Top Performance

Our SE Scalability Analysis will provide you with a detailed study of your server environment. All aspects of the environment, from hardware and storage through the OS, relational engine and application services, are taken into consideration. The goal is to determine the general health of the server environment and to discover ways to improve performance, capacity and decrease storage overhead.

Recommendations are customer specific, and may include the following:

  • Physical and logical design including hardware suitability, storage, backups and recoverability
  • Optimal SAN configuration
  • Detailed descriptions of the system, including the role the analyzed servers play in the enterprise
  • Detailed definitions of server performance issues, e.g., identified bottlenecks, database, file and table layout review, query performance, growth strategies, etc.
  • Fetching reports is faster using in-memory feature with SQL Server 2017,
  • Configuring AlwaysOn without SAN storage.

A proper and thorough scalability assessment to determine database scalability options will give you the information you need to move forward with infrastructure changes with confidence. Let our server scalability experts provide you the information you need to make the necessary decisions. Contact us today

Architectural Design Session

The Challenges

Strategic collaboration between business managers and IT professionals can be challenging. Although business needs drive IT planning and spending, information managers need to stay ahead to support future growth and changing needs. Many times internal teams don’t have the resources or the available time to fully assess and understand existing and future business needs and the IT requirements to support them. Costly downtime and implementation setbacks for new applications are certain to occur without a deep knowledge of, or proper planning for availability and scalability.

Maximize IT Resources and Investments

Let us conduct a two-day, deep-dive architectural design session (ADS) to help you and your IT staff develop their SQL Server strategy. Our architects will help you define current and future business needs and then work with your IT staff to assess current environments, gain an understanding of existing utilization, and create a roadmap for moving forward. An SE ADS will give you recommendations that can improve your SQL Server scalability, uptime, reliability, manageability, availability, concurrency and throughput.

Performance Tuning

The Challenges

A poorly performing database application that impacts transactional speed and slows down queries can have a significant impact not only on user productivity, but other applications running on the same server or the same network.  Underperforming platforms that are not keeping up with the speed of your business puts you at a competitive disadvantage and can ultimately impact the quality of service provided to your end-customer.

Get Greater Performance Through Database Tuning

Our SE Database Performance Tuning process will identify CPU and Memory bottlenecks, diagnose configuration and indexing issues and provide you with a detailed study on how to best optimize your database application and overall computing environment.  All aspects of the environment are taken into consideration in order to give you a comprehensive view of the improvements you can make, in the most cost effective manner.  Database Performance Tuning includes:

  • Architectural Design Review – Evaluation of the quality of the database architecture. Poorly architected databases always perform poorly, and will not see typical improvements from normal tuning.  If issues are uncovered, recommendations will be provided for potential redesign.
  • Analysis – Assessment of applications, memory, Disk I/O, OS and overall computing environment.
  • Findings – Identification and recommendations provided for modifications and changes.
  • Implementation – Step-by-step deployment and change management process.
  • Re-testing and Analysis – Upon completion of each modification, the configuration will be re-tested and analyzed to ensure the modification actually improved the situation. Further analysis will determine the next modifications to implement, returning to the preceding implementation phase

Proper and thorough SQL performance tuning will allow your business to reap the benefits of increased overall workflow, efficiency, and much more. Contact one of our specialists today to discuss the SQL server performance tuning benefits in detail.

Mission Critical Computing

The Challenges of Mission Critical Computing

You need to stay ahead of the competition, taking care of customers, generating new business, driving operational excellence, and controlling costs - all require IT resources, talent and investment. Managing mission critical database environments, while your business grows and expands, to attain and maintain software stability and availability requires outside expertise for most organizations with complex environments. IT investments in large organizations are substantial; leveraging those investments appropriately can mean the difference of millions of dollars.

Maximize IT Resources and Investments

Scalability Experts (SE) has been recognized by Microsoft as Global Partner of the Year for data management. This prestigious award is a testimonial to the caliber of our consulting services for SQL Server mission critical computing systems. Our strong global relationships with world-class partners has strengthened our ability to implement solutions to improve the vital data management and processes that drive your growth and profitability.


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