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IoT - Internet of Things

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The majority of data that many companies will be managing in the future may be coming from devices. This machine-borne data looks very different from the OLTP and OLAP systems we have been using for many years. The data access patterns are very different, the storage systems need to support both real time and archived storage, the mass amount of data that is produced, and the analytical processing is different from traditional Business Intelligence systems.

These are some the questions our customers are asking about the area of Internet of Things. Scalability Experts can help you:

  • Architect collection systems for IoT devices that tend to live between the raw device and the end storage system.
  • Architect hubs for the IoT streams that can manage unknown flow rates and scale to the needed input.
  • Design and implement systems to provide long term storage for this data for legal or other compliance reasons, while simultaneously provide real time intelligence.
  • Develop sophisticated systems in the Microsoft Azure Cloud using the extensive toolset provided for IoT from Microsoft.
  • Develop predictive analytics systems over the data streams as well as the on disk data.
  • Identify the appropriate IoT approach and toolset and then design, test, and implement that system.

We can help you to build an Internet of Things System

Our expertise in combination with the Microsoft stack can guide you through the complex and often confusing experience of Internet of Things design and implementation.

Interested in establishing an Internet of Things system for your business? Use the Contact Us button on the side of this page to set-up a free consultation.