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Big Data Solution

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Big Data Solution

Data Explosion

Within the next five years enterprise data is expected to grow by as much as 650% and a significant portion of this explosion will be in the area of unstructured data. For example, 600 million Facebook users add approximately 30 billion pieces of content to the popular social media site on a monthly basis. The Twitter community generates over 1 terabyte of tweets every day.  Add that to the exponential growth in mobile data and there is a wealth of data that many companies are not taking advantage of.

Competitive Advantage

Big Data can unlock significant value by making information transparent and usable at much higher frequency.  Armed with Big Data, companies can:

  • Know how much consumers spent
  • The markets or regions in which they spent it
  • When they spend it, what they spent it on, and in which channels.
  • How is the rising use of smartphones affecting stores sales and consumer buying habits?
  • Understand if different customer segments make use of multiple channels in different ways?
  • Who are the highest-value customers, and are they loyal or considering moving to a different brand?

If you are a company that has the capacity to collect, integrate and analyze both structured and unstructured data you will have greater insight and have a distinct advantage over your competitors

Microsoft Big Data Solution

Microsoft Big Data solution offers an integrated platform for managing data of any shape or any size, whether it’s structured data in relational databases, unstructured data with Hadoop or streaming data. Here are some of the features and capabilities to consider:

Enterprise-Ready Hadoop

  • Seamlessly extend access privileges across HDInsight with Active Directory.
  • Manage your HDInsight clusters easily with System Center 2016.
  • Enjoy the reliability and high availability of 100% Apache Hadoop compatible HDInsight.
  • Seamless connections to Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse / Analytics Platform Services appliance for use in a private cloud.

Gain Windows Simplicity and Manageability for Hadoop

  • Simplicity on premise with a virtualized deployment model.
  • Consistent platform on Windows or on Windows Azure with shared codebase.
  • Deploy Hadoop easily thanks to smart packaging and Cloud optimization from Microsoft.

Scale on Demand in the Cloud

  • Benefit from deployment options for Big Data on both Windows Server and Windows Azure.
  • Enjoy elastic scalability in the cloud.
  • Gain better control of your data and costs.

Make Big Data Easy

We are experts at Business Intelligence, PDW services and Big Data solutions.  We are a Microsoft triple gold National Systems Integrator (NSI) and we can help you build and deploy the right solution that best fits your specific needs.   Let us evaluate your IT environment, analyze your current situation, determine the right architectural design and provide you with a road map to take advantage of Big Data.