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Analytics Platform System

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Analytics Platform System

Need to Super Power your Business Intelligence and Big Data Capabilities? An Analytics Platform System Appliance Could Be Your Answer!

The APS appliance (formerly known as PDW) is an integrated, all-in-one hardware and software solution that is easier to deploy, operate and manage than traditional, proprietary data warehouse offerings. It is highly scalable and offers lightning fast query response that is up to 100 times faster performance than legacy data warehouse queries. If you need more speed, greater insight into your business to make better decisions and you want to create a competitive advantage you should take a closer look at this a APS solution.

Key Highlights ofAPS:

  • Up to 100 times faster performance than legacy data warehouse queries
  • Up to 50 times faster query performance over the prior version of SQL Server PDW
  • Up to 15 times data compression
  • Up to 70% more storage capacity
  • Up to double the rate of data loading speed over prior versions
  • Data capacity requirement variable from smallest (1 TB to 6 Petabytes)
  • 75% smaller footprint by using maximum density storage and revamped architecture
  • Lowest Price/Terabyte in the Industry
  • Seamless integration of the relational data warehouse and Hadoop with PolyBase

Key Customer Benefits ofAPS:

  • Get faster insights than ever before with In-Memory updateable columnstore technologies
  • Query both worlds – relational and non-relational data from Hadoop-from easy-to-use and familiar tools like MSFT Excel
  • Scale painlessly, avoid forklift upgrades, and successfully expand up to multiple petabytes of data with little disruption
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Start small and grow as needed with modular approach that minimizes risks and over investment

Most Experienced Microsoft Partner in APS Deployment

When it comes to getting the most performance and value out of yourAPS appliance you need to select a partner that has deep experience and has the right skill-set to conduct a Proof of Concept (POC) and complete the actual implementation work. Scalability Experts is Microsoft’s most experienced NSI partner and we have completed work across a variety market segments: Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Online Retail, Professional Services and other areas. If you are looking to maximize the greatest value from yourAPS investment, why not select the most experienced services provider:

  • Scalability Experts was the first NSI partner to receive advanceAPS training and sign MOU with Microsoft
  • Received “2012 Partner of the Year” award by Microsoft and HP Frontline partnership for APS/Big Data work
  • Has the most experience in number of APS POC and APS implementation engagements
  • Approved by Microsoft COE to conduct POC's independently
  • Certified to conductAPS training
  • Also, experienced in all aspects of BI including predictive analytics and Microsoft Big Data solutions

New SE Healthcare Analytics Platform

Scalability Experts (SE) Healthcare Analytics Platform makes it possible for customers to realize a new level of insight, by integrating data from disparate clinical, financial, and operational systems, and articulating the results in healthcare industry standard language. The pre-built data models for inpatient, outpatient flows, core measures, readmissions, chronic disease management, ER throughput, clinical trials research and other critical areas saves implementation time and can be easily customized. Other pre-packaged elements such as templates, dashboards and methodologies also reduce time to going “LIVE”. And backend data source connections to major industry hospital systems like Cerner, Epic, McKesson and others speeds up integration. Following the HIMSS seven-step best practice maturity model, the SE platform optimizes the overall speed of performance and enables a broader view of the single “truth” of data that drives greater operational efficiency and deeper clinical insight across every department in the hospital’s enterprise. Depending on the size and scope of the customer’s operations the solution can be built-out using Microsoft’s Fast Track Reference Architecture or by implementing aAPS appliance. The result is a turn-key solution that helps reduce costs, speeds performance, drives continuity of care support and ensures better end-to-end quality control.

New Fast Track Data Warehouse Architecture Design Review (ADR)

SE's new Fast Track Data Warehouse Architecture Design Review (ADR) will identify an appropriate Fast Track data warehouse architecture for your environment in order to provide the foundation for predictable performance, scalability, and availability. As part of the ADR we will provide you with a high-level strategy to re-architect the data warehouse infrastructure and provide you with a list of Fast Track data warehouse recommendations in order to meet your future growth requirements. Learn more about our new Data Warehouse Architecture Design Review (ADR)

SE ScaleFastSM Data Warehouse Deployment Solution

Our end-to-end implementation solution uses industry proven Fast Track methodologies to very quickly design and deploy an appliance solution that is fine-tuned for your particular environment. Based on SE’s expertise and unique processes, an appliance can be up and running significantly faster than deployment times provided by other service providers. Let us unleash the power of the appliance and optimize its features and functionality to deliver you the highest level of performance. SE’s ScaleFast deployment solution includes a deep dive workload evaluation and environment assessment, specific hardware recommendations, and turnkey implementation services.

Give us a call. We can maximize your results.