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Data Center Modernization

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Data Center Modernization

Why need to Consider Modernization?

Listed below are the most common Business and Technical Drivers:

  • Business Drivers / Priorities
    • Delivering Operational Results
    • Reducing Enterprise Costs
    • Compliance and Legislations Issues
    • Faster Time to Market
    • Creating New Products and Services
    • Greater ability to handle Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Greater insight into Financial, Customer and Supply-chain data via Analytics and Big Data
    • Customer/Partner Access to Systems (Mobile Apps/ Web etc)
  • Technical Drivers/Priorities
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • Greater proportion of budget to spend on enhancements rather than maintenance of existing/legacy systems
    • Provisioning via automation and orchestration of new applications and services more quickly
    • Greater ability to utilize cloud options
    • Modern Access Methods (Allowing for Big Data)
    • More rapid development

Knowledge and Expertise of Our Whole Team

Data Center Modernization brings together our capabilities around transforming your environment with Enterprise Data Management, Cloud Services, the integration and ongoing evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning within your organization. Transform your investments in IT assets from the physical, on-prem solutions to take advantage of a hybrid-cloud model to that of the Azure cloud. Scalability Experts can leverage the investments in your virtualized environment (whether VMware vSphere and/or Microsoft Hyper-V) to take advantage of the latest advances in technology to optimize your business to where it returns the greatest financial value.

Our complete Data Center Modernization portfolio includes:

  • Strategy and Discovery utilizing our OmniLoad workbench for budgeting, planning and starting your modernization effort
  • Architecture Design and Configuration analysis to extract the most value from your current IT investments as well as Performance Management and Platform Optimization analysis to help with planning your strategic investments in IT.
  • Are you considering taking advantage of the benefits and cost reductions that moving to the cloud can provide? Reduce the necessity of acquiring and maintaining physical hardware by transitioning workloads to the cloud.
  • Modernization services to assist in implementing your modernization project and achieve your business objectives.
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data services to provide the insight into your organization’s operational data stores.

Are you considering a change to a more robust and scalable environment? We can provide you with a detailed study of your environment. All aspects of the environment, from hardware and storage through the OS, relational engine, application services, and database performance, are taken into consideration. The goal is to determine the health of your environment and to identify ways to improve your performance. Call us. Let us take you to the next level.