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Cloud Computing Services

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Cloud Services

Cloud Readiness Evaluation

The Cloud Readiness Evaluation analyzes your application portfolio and evaluates your server infrastructure to determine if scaling to the cloud could enhance cost efficiency and impart service improvements. The engagement evaluates the architecture, scale requirements, and security requirements of current and projected cost from applications to determine if they are appropriate candidates for implementation with Azure and SQL Azure. In addition, the session will examine the hardware infrastructure and software methods, application requirements, and growth projections to determine if creating a database utility or private cloud implementation is appropriate for the enterprise. If determined that a public or private cloud implementation is appropriate, SE will discuss the next steps on the path to cloud computing services implementation.

Duration: 1 day evaluation

Cloud Computing Services Architecture Design Session (ADS)

This involves a more in-depth analysis of your applications and infrastructure to provide a recommended application architecture that encompasses public and/or private cloud database implementations. If you have already had a cloud readiness evaluation, this session will suggest the next steps to develop a cloud-based database architecture. Requirements will be studied with more depth and recommendations will be given for public cloud architecture - elasticity, scale out implementation, communications implementation, integration architecture for communicating with non-cloud applications, data center locations, etc. - and private cloud architecture - hardware recommendations, software recommendations, build/buy decisions, etc. If this ADS is done prior to doing a cloud readiness assessment, the ADS will commence with an analysis of the current and anticipated application and infrastructure architecture to determine if public and private cloud implementations are appropriate. The result of the ADS will be a presentation showing the recommended public and private cloud architectures.

Duration: 3 days session

Public Cloud Computing Services Architecture Design Review (ADR)

A Cloud ADR can be held before, during, or after a public cloud application implementation. The main purpose is to analyze the public cloud application and database architecture of your application to check if it can be optimized to improve reliability, scalability, performance, maintainability, etc. Ideally, a cloud ADR will be done before implementation begins so that any architectural related issues can be resolved before they require application code changes. The ADR will examine the architecture to determine if appropriate design decisions have been made in the logical and physical structure of the database and if appropriate technologies are being used in the implementation. This includes things like whether SQL Azure databases or Azure storage is suitable for the application requirements, whether the application will scale appropriately to cater to the anticipated load, etc. The outcome of an ADR is a powerpoint presentation on what was analyzed and appropriate recommendation for improvements in the application design.

Duration: 3 days review

Private Cloud Computing Services Architecture Design Review (ADR)

This is similar in scope and purpose to a public cloud ADR. Private cloud architecture can be very complex. This ADR is designed to incorporate in in-depth analysis of the design of a private cloud to ensure that database best practices are being followed and the architecture is optimized for performance, reliability, maintainability and scalability. If you are building your own private cloud infrastructure and services framework, this ADR will incorporate a review of the services design. If you are buying a private cloud implementation, the ADR will examine you the implementation plan to ensure it what will meet your requirements. The outcome of an ADR is a slide deck presentation on what was discovered and recommendation for improvements in the private cloud design.

Duration: 3 days review

Consolidation Analysis

Scalability Experts has a mature, reliable process for analyzing your current database implementations to determine software and hardware requirements for a consolidated infrastructure. This process can be implemented to analyzing the requirements for a public or private cloud database application by incorporating cloud databases as possible targets for consolidation. Our consolidation practice will be expanded to include public and private clouds as part of the consolidation solution.

Duration: 1-2-weeks engagement

On-Site Migration to Private Cloud

Engagement provides the design and implementation of a private cloud and the services framework for a customer or aids in implementing a commercial private cloud solution and migrating databases to the new private cloud.

Duration: 3-4 weeks engagement

Migration to Public Cloud

Provides knowledge in determining changes to database applications and helps to move data required to the public cloud and assists in setting up the database and data migration to the public cloud.

Duration: 3-4 weeks engagement

ISV Migration to Public Cloud

The public cloud helps ISV’s to scale up their market to customers they may not have been able to reach economically or geographically before. An ISV can recreate a cloud version of their application that they can deploy with minimal effort and no requirement for from on-site support which can significantly reduce the cost of entry to their customers. This offering is designed to help ISV's migrate the database of their applications to the cloud so they can leverage their cloud deployments.

Duration: 2-3 weeks engagement

Proactive Health Check for Cloud Hosting Companies

Several hosting companies have minimal knowledge of SQL Server. As majority of their customer’s demand SQL Server as a database option, they reluctantly deploy a few instances of SQL Server into their infrastructure. This offering is a Scalability Analysis of such SQL Server implementations to ensure that they are using database best practices to leverage maximum performance and offer reliability to their customers.

Duration: 1-2 weeks engagement

Cloud computing services is an efficient and flexible way to organize, manage, deliver and consume your IT services. We can provide the expertise and strategic capabilities to help you make those decisions and gain the maximum benefits from cloud-based computing for your organization.