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Read how Scalability Experts has helped other organizations with their data management needs:

“Scalability Experts have proved their talent in implementing the latest technology of Microsoft (SQL Server 2012) by understanding the banking domain in a record time. The BI dashboards are developed in different technology to suit our requirement without compromising on the performance. Each design has been creative and unique, tuned specifically to display different flavors. We continue to enjoy working with Scalability Experts, and plan to use them more in the future.”

G Balamurali Krishna , Group Head, IT Application Services
IDBI Intech Limited

“Scalability Experts fully completed a data platform review, architectural design with proof-of-concept, and then implemented a new SQL Server environment in four weeks. They had a complete understanding of SQL Server and gave us the confidence we didn’t have before to create a world-class, enterprise environment to run our most mission critical application. The result has been a significant increase in revenue because business units now make faster, better decisions with the timely financial reporting.”

Large Financial Institution

“SQL Server Migration Assistant allowed us to migrate in just one day with 100 percent accuracy. Our DBA was able to stay focused on more important things.”

Gordan Redzic, Automation Team Lead
iDEN Automation Group, Motorola

“Scalability Experts’ expertise and commitment to SQL Server is evident from the sheer amount of knowledge contained in the workshop. New features were discussed, and helpful information was learned from real projects. Thanks to Scalability Experts, our team is now confidently moving forward to leverage SQL Server within our workplace.”

Technical Manager
Verizon Communications

“Thank you! You have a great team of folks that ‘get it’...I can tell you that we are thrilled with the findings and justification that was ultimately delivered.”

Chief Information Officer
Largest U.S. Online Home Lender in America

“We trust Scalability Experts to provide straightforward solutions that enable us to meet our IT supported business improvement goals. They work shoulder-to-shoulder with our team as committed partners in our success. The knowledge and relationships with major software and hardware giants that they bring to the table ensures that we get the most of our IT investments.”

Worldwide Health Care Provider

“Through worldwide engagements like the SQL Server Application Compatibility Lab, our customers and partners benefit from Scalability Experts’ knowledge and in turn make those benefits available to other partners and enterprise customers in a broad way.”

Senior Vice President
Microsoft Corporation

“SE SMART enabled us to reengineer our server infrastructure with solid metrics from cross applications load balancing. What SMART provided in near real time would have taken an army of DBAs months to put together.”

Chief Information Officer
Healthcare Software Provider

“Without the knowledge and leadership skills of Scalability Experts, we would have never been successful at migrating our vital data from Oracle to SQL Server. They have tremendous resources at their disposal and shared their knowledge as they worked with our team to complete a smooth migration across our entire global network on time and within budget.”

Chief Information Officer
Global Investment Bank