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International Case Studies

Large Brokerage Houses - India


This Client is one of the Largest Brokerage houses in India. They engaged Scalability Experts to perform a scalability analysis of its back office system and formulate specific recommendations to address current concerns, identify server misconfigurations and prepare for future growth requirements.


SE completed an analysis of their system and identified issues that were limiting the current performance, long-term scalability and stability of the database environment. SE determined that there were opportunities to improve the scalability of the systems.  Some of the issues that were identified included improper configuration of Page file, inability of the SQL Memory configuration to handle load in case of a cluster failover, and un-optimized Database configurations. Scalability Experts developed a series of short-term recommendations, ranging from specific system configuration\modifications and changes to existing T-SQL code, long-term architectural and code changes to reach expected performance goals.  The Final Report submitted included:

  • Optimal database server configuration
  • Detailed definitions of SQL Server performance issues, with particular emphasis on identification of bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for database, file, table layout and for index optimization—identifying redundant or missing indexes.


Scalability Experts delivered a formal report of the analyses, including quantitative and qualitative findings, comparisons, recommendations, and raw data.  These recommendations helped the client overcome the bottlenecks in their IT set-up and made their database environment more stable and efficient to respond to the demanding challenges of their Business requirements.

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