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International Case Studies

Global Software Solutions Company


The Client is a global software solutions company that is focused on partnering with its customers to help them manage and grow their business profitably using information technology. Founded in 1988 it delivers cutting edge retail solutions, manufacturing and distribution solutions and technology solutions to customers across 14 countries across multiple time zones, languages and cultures. They engaged Scalability Experts to assist them in their client’s SQL Server Database Management initiative. The high-level goals of this engagement were to analyze specific issues on database management and provide performance optimization recommendations. The client server had SQL Server instances namely Default ().  The client’s main database was using SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. This instance was heavily used by internal users to generate sale status and some updates. The main pain points of the client were that the server sometimes locked up during peak hours and the weekly rebuild process of the tables took a lot of time.

The engagement was a two day evaluation that covered:

  • Monitoring performance of database servers
  • Finding loopholes in the overall system configuration
  • Providing recommendations based on analysis of SQL Server configuration, SQL Server DMV script output and SQL Server Profiler & Performance monitor counters
  • Providing answers to a set of questions prepared by the client covering issues they were facing in their database environment
  • Written Report covering all the above areas.


SE started with an analysis of their Database environment. The Profiler and Perfmon counters were collected and analyzed. The analysis of these counters revealed the locking issues the client was facing.  Next, the queries were reviewed & necessary measures were provided to avoid locking.  Some scope for improvement in the query writing was observed and a recommendation was made to rewrite certain codes for better and enhanced performance.

After that SE provided solutions to all the questions covered in the questionnaire.
Post engagement SE prepared the summary report and shared the results with the client.  SE also recommended an additional project for further query optimization.


The engagement was completed in 2 days & helped the client understand performance measures & the bottlenecks that were hampering the performance.  The issues identified during engagement included blocked processes, long-running SQL queries, recompiles of SQL statements and stored procedures, bad execution plans, and disk I/O bottlenecks. SE discovered that tuning SQL code and configuring the database layout differently could accomplish significant gains.  The detailed report carrying high-level recommendations based on the above observations was shared with the client to enhance performance & counter all existing issues.  It was very helpful to strengthen the existing IT infrastructure & prepare roadmap for the future IT landscape based on the current & future Business objectives.

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