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International Case Studies

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Large Brokerage Houses - India

Scalability Analysis

This Client is one of the Largest Brokerage houses in India. They engaged Scalability Experts to perform a scalability analysis of its back office system and formulate specific recommendations to address current concerns, identify server misconfigurations and prepare for future growth requirements.

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Large Financial Services Company - India

Database Performance Audit

The Client is one of the top financial services businesses in India currently engaged in life insurance, general insurance and consumer finance businesses and has plans to expand its business by offering a wide array of financial products and services in India. They engaged Scalability Experts to perform a Database performance audit of their Datamartprod server and formulate specific recommendations with regard to performance tuning and optimization.  The Datamartprod server was running on Windows 2008 Enterprise version and was a 32 GB RAM, four socket (32 logical processors) machine. This server had two SQL Server instances namely Default (Datamartprod) and Extranet. The main pain points for this client were:

  1. Sometimes the server ran slowly during peak hours.
  2. The monthly process of inserting and updating of the tables took a lot of time.


Scalability Experts performed an analysis of the two specified servers and delivered a formal report of the analyses, including quantitative and qualitative findings, comparisons, recommendations and raw data.

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Global Building Materials Company – India

Data Replication and Disaster Recovery Implementation

The Client is a Global building materials company with core businesses including the manufacture and distribution of cement, and the production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand). They had to maintain a number of records to keep a track of the Business activities. They wanted the same records / data to be present at their respective plants which were present at different locations across India. In short they wanted to replicate their data from their Mumbai office to all their sub-branches present at different locations. For this purpose they wanted a back-end application which could meet their requirements. Currently, they had an application which used to do the work of replicating the data but it took a lot of time and the latency level was quite high. They wanted a superior Replication model with minimum latency.

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Independent Broadcast Company - Qatar

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Assessment

The Client is an independent broadcast company owned by the state of Qatar and headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Initially launched as an Arabic news and current affairs satellite TV channel, it has since expanded into a network with several outlets, including the Internet and specialty TV channels in multiple languages & is accessible in several world regions. The Client was facing a number of challenges with its billing system. The primary site was hosted in Qatar on two SQL clusters with a secondary site hosted in France. Connection between the two sites was not direct with the connection being made through the DC. The Secondary site needed to be brought up to speed in terms of data with a downtime of no more than 60 minutes. The client also wanted to know its options in case the network went down. The goal of the Architecture Design Review (ADR) was to provide recommendations to design High Availability & Disaster Recovery architecture to increase SQL Server concurrency, throughput, scalability, uptime, reliability and manageability.

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Global Software Solutions Company

Database Performance Audit

The Client is a global software solutions company that is focused on partnering with its customers to help them manage and grow their business profitably using information technology. Founded in 1988 it delivers cutting edge retail solutions, manufacturing and distribution solutions and technology solutions to customers across 14 countries across multiple time zones, languages and cultures. They engaged Scalability Experts to assist them in their client’s SQL Server Database Management initiative. The high-level goals of this engagement were to analyze specific issues on database management and provide performance optimization recommendations. The client server had SQL Server instances namely Default ().  The client’s main database was using SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. This instance was heavily used by internal users to generate sale status and some updates. The main pain points of the client were that the server sometimes locked up during peak hours and the weekly rebuild process of the tables took a lot of time.

The engagement was a two day evaluation that covered:

  • Monitoring performance of database servers
  • Finding loopholes in the overall system configuration
  • Providing recommendations based on analysis of SQL Server configuration, SQL Server DMV script output and SQL Server Profiler & Performance monitor counters
  • Providing answers to a set of questions prepared by the client covering issues they were facing in their database environment
  • Written Report covering all the above areas.

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Large Mutual Funds Company - India

Disaster Recovery Solution

The Client is one of India’s leading Mutual Funds, with Average Assets under Management (AAUM) close to Rs. 1,00,000 Crores and an investor count of over 66 Lakh folios. It offers investors a well-rounded portfolio of products to meet varying investor requirements and has presence in 159 cities across the country. They engaged Scalability Experts to help them design and deploy a Disaster Recovery management project in order to safeguard the valuable digital assets (data) to ensure effective servicing of its customers. The high-level goal for the engagement was to analyze the existing SQL Server infrastructure and perform the Disaster Recovery management of their database.

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