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Partner Funded

Create a Roadmap to Higher Efficiency and Performance

Scalability Experts works with a broad range of Partners that offer special funding to offset the cost of one, two and three week assessments to help customers consolidate, virtualize, migrate and move their operations to the cloud.  Depending on the size and scope of your IT operations, you may be able to qualify for these funds for a free onsite assessment.  Please use the “get in touch with us” link at the bottom of the page and please tell us what your needs are for a no-cost assessment from Scalability experts funded by one of our partners.

Types of Partner Funded Assessments

These deep dive technical assessments conducted onsite are valued at over $30,000.  Here is a short description of some of the no-cost assessments you may qualify for:

  • Two-Week Consolidation Assessment This is a 10 day consulting engagement analyzing up to 25 servers in your IT environment. The first week is spent onsite and subsequent weeks are remote, evaluating current SQL Server use (performance data), decision criteria for consolidation, server candidate identification, and definition of classifications and assignments of candidates, identification of performance issues, DR caveats, and hardware recommendations to satisfy performance requirements. Our Architects use unique tools and methodologies to capture data and to evaluate your specific situation to provide you with the right path forward. At the end of the engagement our experts will present to you our findings and recommendations related to your architecture, performance, infrastructure and road map for consolidation.
  • Three-Week Combined Consolidation Assessment and Proof of Concept This is a 15 day engagement similar to the above with analyzing up to 25 servers in your IT environment and includes an additional week for a one week proof of concept. This includes the testing of hardware and architecture to create confidence in what the best design is for your future environment. Performance testing results will allow you to project the efficiencies and reduced COO you can anticipate in order to make a quicker decision on consolidation and transformation of your IT environment.
  • Two to Three Week Migration AssessmentsDepending on the size and scope of your environment this is a 10 to 15 day consulting engagement. This includes data collection and analysis using the SSMA tool and Oracle traces in order to provide a detailed level of effort and risk assessment for migrating scoped applications, databases, and schemas to the new platform. Engagement results in a road map and implementation plan to complete a successful migration to the SQL Server platform.
  • Moving to the Cloud Architectural Design Review This is a 5 day engagement that includes the running of diagnostic tools, interviews with IT managers, and a white boarding session with one of our architects.  This interactive discussion provides best practices, identifies potential pitfalls, validates existing ideas, and builds a high level road map for moving forward to a private or hybrid cloud environment.  This engagement is not as involved or as detailed as a full two week engagement and output is more strategic and less driven by actual data analyzed from a customer’s systems.

If you have an interest in one of the partner funded assessments, please use the “get in touch with us” link at the bottom of this page.  We will have one of our architects consult with you on your situation, determine your eligibility and recommend the best path forward.