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The OmniLoad workbench tool is a comprehensive set of automated tools that have been developed as part of Scalability Experts Quick Start program. Quick Start rapidly identifies datacenter workloads suitable for modernization thereby reducing costs to the enterprise and increasing business agility. Scalability Experts achieves this via proprietary software and our migration factory capabilities, where we can inventory a customer’s environment and then build a full migration path.

It is a fully functional VM ,which can be downloaded from Azure and plug into the environment. SE can walk through or fully documented data collection process be it Onsite, or Offsite.

OmniLoad Capabilities

Migration Assessment

  • Total Migration Effort
    • Based on Man-hours
    • Tier-ing based on Complexity
  • Analysis of Application and Database Migration Effort
  • Provide ROI and TCO for migration
  • Provide Cost saving estimates if migrated to SQL Server

Consolidation, Upgradation, Migration, Virtualization, and Cloud

One-by-one step, proven methodology-

  • Discover database sprawl
  • Load Transfer / Consolidation
  • Complete physical to virtual migration
  • On Premise to Azure migration options
  • Manage VMs / VM Ware to Hyper-V migration

All these automated through tools and supported by reports and dashboards

Hardware and Storage Analysis

On top of analyzing the existing infrastructure, it provides recommendation on how to save dollars on licensing and infra cost through -

  • Capacity Planning
  • Architecture design review
  • Scalability Analysis

Operating System and Database performance review

  • Best practices recommendations
  • Long term and short term recommendations for performance
  • Database design analysis
  • Application design analysis

Why OmniLoad

  • Reduce TCO
  • Convert CapEx to OpEx
  • Optimize hardware and software licensing costs
  • Manage data proliferation
  • Identify potential security and vulnerability issues
  • Modernize and infuse innovation into the enterprise by leveraging savings
  • Free up valuable internal IT resources to enable them to focus on higher priority projects
  • All above things achieved through a systematic process and supported by analysis reports and dashboard to make an insightful decision.

SE Smart

The Challenges

IT organizations need the ability to forecast, plan and budget for end-of-life servers, server health, CPU utilization, response time and a host of other performance issues. Visibility into data that could aide managers in forecasting and planning for hardware refresh and upgrade is not easily available without dependence on DBA queries.

Optimize SQL Server with SE SMART for Visibility into Metrics

Our Statistical Management Analysis and Reporting Tool (SE SMART) provides DBAs, IT management and database application developers the ability to perform near real time, self service analytics.  Management and application teams get visibility into data via customizable reports, scorecards and dashboards that enable them to better analyze, forecast and plan for the needs of the data center (CPU utilization, storage, etc).

With our extensive expertise in business intelligence and SQL Server, we have enhanced SQL Server 2008’s Management Data Warehouse in the SE SMART framework to include:


New Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2016 (UAFS)

We jointly developed with Microsoft the Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server (UAFS) 2014. This free tool, which is licensed from Microsoft, helps automate application compatibility testing to detect potential issues that may impact a database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 or SQL 2008 to SQL 2012, or SQL 2012 to SQL 2014 or SQL 2014 to SQL 2016 / 2017.  This tool is backward compatible back to SQL 2008.

UAFS verifies how queries from a SQL Server application will function when the database is upgraded. The SQL 2014, SQL 2012, SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 versions are available on our tools download page.

If you have questions or require assistance with UAFS please post your questions at Microsoft Forums.

To ensure Scalability Experts and Microsoft continue to provide the best upgrade assistance possible, please provide feedback on your experience with UAFS.  You may ask questions about this tool or upgrades in general at

SE SQL Server Discovery Tool (SSDT)

SQL Server Discovery AgentWhen preparing for consolidations or upgrades with SQL Server, it is imperative to know and list all SQL Server instances within your data environment. Many customers have more SQL Servers than they know about.  Obviously without an accurate and complete list, your consolidation or upgrade will lack complete data.

We developed SSDT, a utility that scans your network domain utilizing SMO, SMI and registry settings, and then automatically prepares a list of all SQL Server instances in an Excel format.

The SSDT system and user requirements are straightforward so preparing for approaching upgrades and consolidations is simple and quick. The SSDT process is easy to follow yet provides complete SQL Server data information. Click here to download the SSDT.

Sample Output Data

IP Address SQL Server Instance Name Version Clustered Edition Info Source





Standard Edition






Enterprise Edition






Developer Edition (64-bit)


Productized Solutions

Our team has developed products for varied domains with the focus to give clients a head start on development and realization of their results. Our experience and expertise allows us to analyze and come up with solutions for developing data warehouse, integration, analytics, migration or infra setup. We have developed a range of custom tools to support common processes across industries. In addition to the data engineers, data scientists we have custom developers across technologies to deliver a solution or adapter suiting your ecosystem.

We understand, each business is unique in its own way and you have specific business goals to chase. We have identified the commonality across and build solutions to save you cost and at the same time give you an edge in productionalizing the solution quickly especially when the market is very competitive and moving at a fast pace.

Reach out to us, and our expert consultants after understanding your requirements will showcase you the existing products which can be further customized based on your specific needs.