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Power & Utilities Solutions

Utility and Smart Grid Data Management & Analytics

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Power & Utilities

The face of the Power & Utility industry is changing quickly with the introduction of new smart grid technology. Tomorrow's grid will enable bidirectional power flows and bidirectional information flows about consumption and pricing between utilities and consumers. Enabled by millions of new smart meter monitoring devices, new smart grid capabilities will deliver significant benefits in terms of distribution efficiency, power manageability and overall ecosystem agility. The grid however will also generate terabytes of new information that will require utility companies to transmit, store and manage an unprecedented amount of new data. Our smart grid Data Management and BI solutions can help you scale-up your database operations, expand your storage capacity and put in place business intelligence systems to take advantage of this new flow of two-way information.

Let Us Make Your Smart Grid, Smarter

SE can give you the power, speed and agility to manage and extract information from huge, ever- growing smart grid systems to turn data into actionable business analytics. Let us help you make your database and computing platform responsive, scalable and robust in order to gain a competitive advantage. For example, we recently completed a project for one of the world's largest Smart Meter companies to develop predictive smart grid analytics capabilities to effectively forecast and anticipate consumer consumption patterns based on weather projections. We are also an official Microsoft Utilities Industry Partner. Our solutions can help you improve:

  • Business intelligence and analytics decision-support systems
  • Distribution and network management systems
  • Energy and information management systems for capacity planning
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) Smart metering
  • Supply chain grid optimization
  • Employee productivity
  • Merchandising, promotion and order-to-cash management
  • Collections and reduce risk of bad debts
  • Security and compliance
  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention

SE has 10 years of Power & Utilities experience and we have worked with some of the nation's largest Utility companies. Let us analyze your environment and recommend a solution to increase your computing performance, optimize your database operations and help you implement your smart grid IT infrastructure. SE has five primary solution-based service offerings :

  • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Management
  • Platform Optimization
  • Cloud-Based Computing
  • Strategic Resourcing

Some of our Power & Utilities Customers :