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Retail Information Systems and Data Management Solutions

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Retail & CPG

Our Data Management and BI solutions for the retail industry can help you operate more efficiently in a market that is constantly evolving, facing new competition and many times over burdened by regulatory requirements. You collect and manage a huge amount of data and if it is not available, accessible and reliable it can slow down your business. You also need the ability to data mine and perform predictive analytics in order to turn your data into a competitive advantage. By having easy access to fact-based data and business analysis tools retailers can improve their profitability and performance.

Let Us Optimize Your Operations

To keep up with today's evolving retail marketplace, you need a database computing platform that is responsive, scalable and robust enough to give you the data and business insight you need to improve:

  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Business decision making
  • Support for new products, new channels and new market segments
  • Supply chain performance assessments and quantify areas for improvement
  • Employee productivity
  • Merchandising, promotion and order-to-cash management
  • Optimize collections and reduce risk of bad debts
  • Systems security and compliance

SE has 10 years of retail experience and we have worked with some of the nation's largest companies. Let us analyze your retail information systems environment and recommend a solution to increase your computing performance and optimize your database operations. We have five primary solution-based service offerings :

  • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Management
  • Platform Optimization
  • Cloud-Based Computing
  • Strategic Resourcing

Read about how we helped one of the world's leading home retail companies improve their performance and security. Read the full story…

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