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Scalability Experts Blog

Webinar Posted: SQL Server 2014 Overview / Product Review / Key Features


Watch this webinar replay and see an overview / product review of SQL Server 2014 and learn about the most exciting features of SQL Server 2014.  This SQL Server 2014 webinar covers key topics, such as:

  • How Microsoft SQL Server 2014 delivers mission-critical capabilities and breakthrough performance, availability and manageability
  • New in-memory capabilities for OLTP and data warehousing
  • New disaster recovery and backup solutions
  • Unparalleled scalability for customer database application in a physical or virtual environment
  • How companies are lowering TCO and taking advantage of built-in features to reduce third-party tool costs and lower other operational expense
  • How to leverage the latest Business Intelligence and Big Data and Hadoop features at 1/5 the cost of other options

To learn more about SQL Server 2014, or to get customized expert advice on how to leverage the features of SQL Server 2014, or SQL Server 2012 to improve your business contact Scalability Experts today to setup a no-cost 1 hour phone consultation!


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