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Office 2013 - New Features and How they relate to MS Business Intelligence!


Office 2013 - New Features and How they relate to MS Business Intelligence!

Office 2013 was released to customer preview on July 17th.   Over the next few weeks, I will high light the new features and provide a deeper look into each one as they relate to MS BI.  Top Features to take notice of include:


Instant data Analytics – This feature allows you to convert a simple data set into an analytical chart quickly with a minimal number of clicks.

Flash Fill – Fill a complete column of data based on what you have typed in one cell and copies that pattern in the remaining columns.

Richer Data Label for Charts – Format you data labels with additional data

New PivotTable Features – Numerous changes to the PivotTables have been implemented.  A full post will be need to list them all.  A few to note are:
•Excel Data Model  - Allows multiple tables to be used in excel for your data analysis without the need to create a PowerPivot model.
•New TimeLine Filter – Analyze data across different time periods
•Drill up, Down and Cross Drill into your data
•OLAP Calculated Fields – Create calculated fields in Pivot Tables.  This has been needed for some time.
•Charts and Pivot tables can be decoupled from each other
•PowerView – Is now available within Excel.


PerformancePoint Services
•Dashboard Migration – Copy a dashboard and it dependencies from server to server or site collection to site collection
•Enhanced Filters – Allows users to filter and search within a filter.
•BI Center Update – You can now use folders
•Analysis Servers Effective User – Kerberous is no longer needed for SSAS authentication.  Authentication can now use the EffectiveUserName property to verify authentication.
•iPad Support – Safari web browser support.

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