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Database as a Service (DBaaS)

If you’re trying to reduce the complexity of managing databases and application servers in datacenter and to take advantage of the latest benefits of systems management and automation such as self-provisioning, process standardization, and platform analytics then you need our Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution. We have built this solution from the ground up to take advantage of the extensive capabilities included in Microsoft’s Private Cloud to provide you a distinct solution that combines our enterprise-class expertise of data management, consolidation, and performance tuning of Microsoft SQL Server.

Our pre-packaged DBaaS solution provides your team with a streamlined data management platform built from Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft System Center 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. We also offer support for enhanced optimization and monitoring packs, customized self-service forms and automation runbooks, and integration with SE Smart to give you a robust platform analytics dashboard.

Scalability Experts packaged DBaaS solution can be deployed on existing Microsoft Fast Track 3.0 reference architecture, which shortens implementation time from months to weeks, and can even be integrated with appliances that comes with pre-installed software certified at the factory. Our solution is capable of scaling from within all sizes of virtualized and bare-metal platforms, and integrates with hypervisors from Microsoft and VMWare. SE’s DBaaS is built from the ground up to rapidly implement our migration and consolidation assessments.

SE’s DBaaS solution enables you to:

  • Easily assess, migrate, consolidate and manage high volumes of fragmented applications, databases and SQL instances.
  • Simplify the process of requesting and deploying VM’s, as well as the final provisioning of database servers, instances and databases with self-provisioning.
  • Easily scale-out your private cloud without having to take days or weeks to deploy new physical/virtual hardware for each new Database/Application requested.
  • Gain insight into your database environment to enable you to optimize utilization, predict and plan for expansion, and minimize unnecessary software and hardware costs.
  • Take advantage of the latest automation and regain control of your database environment.

Implementing a Private Cloud DBaaS solution is the next step when transforming your datacenter and is the ideal solution for implementing your application and database server consolidation and virtualization efforts.

To find out how our Database-as-a-Service solution can help your business contact Scalability Experts today. There are three methods for you to learn more:

Virtual Proof of Concept Foundation Assessment Enterprise Implementation
In this no-cost 1 hour virtual proof of concept SE will provide an interactive demonstration of the Database-as-a-Service Solution.  During this V-POC An Architect will be available to discuss how DBaaS functions, and answer your questions. This ten day assessment will prepare your Datacenter for an Enterprise Database-as-a-Service Implementation and empower you to optimally consolidate and virtualize your environment.  Recommendations from this assessment generally reduce your hardware and software costs significantly. This three month implementation transforms your consolidated and virtualized datacenter by implementing System Center components as well as service templates and run books customized by Scalability Experts.

To request a scoping session or find out if you qualify for a no-cost or low-cost Foundation Assessment for DBaaS, please send us an e-mail at