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Scalability Experts and Microsoft Announce a New and Optimized SQL Server 2012 Database Upgrade Tool for Application Compatibility Testing

posted on December 14, 2011

Free Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2012 (UAFS) is now available for download

Scalability Experts, Inc. has introduced a new Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server™ 2012 tool that was developed with Microsoft. This free tool is now available for download from the Scalability Experts Website and is a new addition to the family of upgrade assistant products that also covers SQL 2005 and SQL 2008. The UAFS tool helps automate application compatibility testing to detect potential issues that may impact a database upgrade from SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 to SQL Server 2012 and verifies that queries from a SQL Server application will produce the same results when the database is upgraded. The new SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Assistant comes in a 32-bit and 64-bit version. The new UAFS can be downloaded at SQL Upgrade. This version of the UAFS tool uses the SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay Manager to improve replay accuracy and throughput and also uses SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services to provide a more readable and useable display of the differences found.

“We work hard to make upgrades to a new release of Microsoft SQL Server™ as easy as possible. This includes ensuring that customers have the right tools and methodologies in place to minimize the risk of discovering latent application compatibility issues that might crop up after an upgrade. That’s where UAFS comes in. This tool allows you to compare application workloads executed against different versions of SQL Server and detect if there are changes in behavior. UAFS makes it possible to detect and correct application compatibility issues that may be buried deep inside application source code prior to performing an upgrade”, said Roger Doherty, Microsoft. “Microsoft and Scalability Experts have partnered to deliver UAFS tools since SQL Server 2005, and I’m very pleased that this new release is available to customers and partners who are interested in supporting the next release of SQL Server,” added Doherty.

“The Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2012 is a vital tool in helping SQL Server customers observe and compare their database applications on their current platforms as well as new versions of the Microsoft database platform,” commented Raj Gill, President and Founder of Scalability Experts. “This new version of the upgrade assistant will expand support for all supported in place upgrade paths to SQL Server 2012. SE has partnered with Microsoft to help thousands of customers and partners upgrade to new releases of SQL Server with this tool,” said Gill.

This is a mutually beneficial agreement for both Microsoft and Scalability Experts, and will leverage Microsoft’s existing investments in SQL Server AppCompat tools and content to drive a whole new wave of upgrades to SQL Server 2102 through free self-service testing initiatives and packaged Application Compatibility service offerings from Scalability Experts.

The demand for SE’s SQL Server upgrade services, SQL migrations and BI solutions continue to grow each quarter. This growth is attributed to the company’s deep domain expertise in segments like Banking & Financial Services, Power & Utility (Smart Meter technology) and Healthcare markets just to name a few. SE also announced at the beginning of the year a full line of Data Management Cloud Computing services. SE and Microsoft are working closely together on both Private and Public Cloud solutions.

Appliance Solutions: SE recently announced new services to support Microsoft’s Fast Track reference architecture, Parallel Data Warehouse appliances and consolidation appliances from HP. No matter if your need to reduce SQL Server sprawl, lower your TCO or quickly expand your data warehouse capabilities, you should consider the benefits of appliances to simplify your infrastructure, reduce deployment time and lower your overall costs. SE Appliance Services can help you modernize your database environment and recommend to you the best appliance solution to get the greatest performance out of the box.

For more specific information about SE services or to have a Solutions Sales Manager contact you please send us an email at SE has operations in the U.S, Dubai, Singapore and India.

Scalability Experts, Inc. is an award-winning leader in Data Management and Business Intelligence for complex
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For more specific information about SE services or to have a Solutions Sales Manager contact you please send us an email at or call 469-635-6200. SE has operations in U.S, Dubai, Singapore and India.

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